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The Cathartic Effect of “Blogging”

While some “bloggers” truly have an influence on the world, most work on either spinning their philosophical wheels or boosting their self-image…or both. The latter group doesn’t have much of anything to offer. However, the writer is egoist, as is the very nature of writing itself. Simply put, whether one has something to say or not, he or she is going to say it, and will, with 100% certainty, believe it is deserving of a national literary award. While I can understand that I am not part of the elite former group, I cannot seem to identify myself with the latter group either. For me, writing is cathartic.

But the question stands, “If your reasons for writing are personal, why don’t you keep your ideas to yourself?”  I encourage the reader to look towards the title of this blog for the answer. The very act of writing for the public itself is hypocritical. Although most authors will preach, “write to inspire others” or “write to help yourself,” in the end, it’s all about the recognition. Even so, while I am telling you all of this, it seems to dissipate whatever negative feelings I may have been subconsciously bearing. I am still questioning why I enjoy writing so much. It may be because of the recognition, and it may be because of the release of inhibitions, however I feel like there’s more to it than that. It seems as if some things are beyond questioning. Until an epiphany is reached, I will keep on writing, in search of an answer. That being said, I hereby welcome you all to The Epitomy of Hypocrisy.

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